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V celém areálu je možnost bezplatného připojení k internetu prostřednictvím WiFi.

V pokojích je televize a k dispozici je cca 20 Českých a Slovenských TV programů.

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apartments Mavrovouni - Petrina
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apartments Vathi
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A small house – bungalow with a spacious terrace, an outdoor shower and a commodious reserved parking can provide you a great rear during your vacancy. No matter how you will decide to spend your time, either you would like to travel and see local landmarks or you prefer to lounge on the beach, which is only 400 m far from the bungalow.

Sunbeds and a parasol are available for you on the terrace as well as a spacious enclosed garden kitchen with a large broiler and a smaller gas gridiron just adjacent. You can choose the accommodation in a double - bedded room or in a room with four beds (double bed and bunk beds) and one additional bed.

Both are equipped by a separate enter, a bathroom, WC and satellite TV. A common indoor kitchen (with separate enter from each room) is available for you as well as a separate fridge for each room, a cooker, a kettle, a microwave and an oven, a coffee maker, dishes and other kitchen supplements.

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